How to fix shutdown problem in windows 7

 How to fix shutdown problem in windows 7 :-

The window 7 bug is one of the major problems which are found to prevent the users from shutting down as well as rebooting of PCs and laptops. The bug is reported to last for 24 hours and has been causing issues among the windows users.

How to fix shutdown problem in windows 7

Windows 7 bug:-

As per research and reports, there is no permission to shut down the system which flashes on the screen as a majority of windows 7 PC owners. This has been creating a lot of problem which is preventing rebooting or shutting down. Many users have reported the windows 7 bugs on various forums and other social media platforms.

How to fix it up:-

The solution for how to fix shutdown problem in windows 7. For this:-

  • Open the run dialog with hitting the windows + R combo, then type gpedit.msc and click ok.
  • Next go to the setting on computer> windows settings> security settings> local policies> security options.
  • Search users account control: run all administrators in the admin approval and set it to the enable the system.
  • Open RUN again and then go through gpupdate/force.
  • Next restart the system by opening the Run dialog again, then type shutdown-r and then kit ok.

At the end if the process turns off after the gpupdate, then stop and re run the expolorer.exe from the run dialog.

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How to fix the windows:-

If you are not able to follow the above step for how to fix shutdown problem in windows 7. Then follow the process now as a few temporary steps to get rid of the above issue. Here is the way in which you can temporarily fix the process with the windows 7 not shutting down.

·         First open the task manager menu using “alt+ ctrl+ delete”, then click on the red button which you seen at the bottom right of the screen. This is going to help you with shut down as well as rebooting the system temporarily.

·         Its seen that users had to create new admin profile and then login to the new profile, then switch back to their original profile that helped them bypass the windows 7 not shutting down issues temporarily.

Why the windows don’t start:-

There are various reasons why the windows don’t shut down properly.

·         First reason for this might be virus, so it’s must that you scan for the latest virus to avoid spyware and some malware threats. So it’s must that you use the updated features to help your antivirus software to obtain the latest virus and malware definition files. This further requires complete system scanning to remove any kind of threats that are found in the system.

·         It often happen that window provides with latest updates. These are the ones going to help with addressing issues relating to software drivers and programs. So it’s highly preferable to use the windows update for downloading the service packs for the windows 7 or others to avoid unusual shut down problem in windows 7.

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